DOWNLOAD Music: TheMusicalProphet – Talitha Cumi

“TALITHA CUMI ” is a Revival Song with the Revelation of JESUS CHRIST. This song inspired by the HOLYSPIRIT was coined from the gospel of Mark

5:41 and was given to me in prayer three years ago for such a time as this for the demonstration of the KINGDOM of GOD and the MANIFESTATION of the SONS of GOD in this generation and dispensation, where wickedness and gross darkness seem to have overtaken the world around us.

This is God’s answer to the prayers of the saints and the tears of the intercessors now and those who preceded our dispensation.This song is announcement to the church that a New move of God “The MIRACLE WAVE” is upon us and to awake to it, and to the world that the KINGDOM OF GOD IS HERE and when HIS KINGDOM COMES, systems, mindsets, culture, ideologies, the worldly and fleshly status quo and religion is disrupted for TRUTH to prevail and set men free from the onslaught of the wicked man of sin (the kingdoms of darkness) and this is called a REVIVAL. This song drives the message of hope, peace, comfort, healing, deliverance, Joy, restoration to the sick, sinner, broken, oppressed, demonised, rejected, anointed but in the wilderness, appointed but in waiting, blind, and to the Church of JESUS CHRIST’s her GLORY SEASON her Time to arise and shine the Glory of God that through her JESUS CHRIST will be glorified in the world , where the Knowledge of HIM and His KINGDOM fills the whole earth as the waters cover the seas . HABAKKUK 2:14, ISAIAH 61, 1CORINTHIANS 4:20, LUKE 11:20, ROMANS 8: 19.


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