John Dami Elijah (2 Mics) Releases New Ep Of 6 Song “Songs Of Adoration”

Emerging Gospel music minister, Apostle John Dami Elijah also known as 2 Mics releases a new EP titled “Songs of Adoration”. An EP that contains six powerful worship songs.

In the midst of what is happening around us right now and particularly in Nigeria with we should solely devote our attention towards God in worship.Adoration is perhaps the highest type of worship,involving the reverent and rapt contemplation of the Divine perfections and prerogatives, the acknowledgment of them in words of praise, together with the visible symbols and postures that express the adoring attitude of the creature in the presence of his Creator. It is the expression of the soul’s mystical realization of God’s presence in His transcendent greatness, holiness and loving kindness. As a form of prayer, adoration is to be distinguished from other forms, such as petition, thanksgiving, confession and intercession.

According to Apostle John Elijah, the songs in the EP talks about the unlimited power of God’s spirit which is the holy spirit(who is also the holy ghost) and about the Majesty of Jesus Christ.

The EP is profound, born out of a desperate need for miracles, signs wonders and a revival for the souls of men- for the church world and crusade grounds. Surely there is a manifestation of the character of the holy Spirit anywhere this beautiful piece of music is played and listened to, for the sole aim of magnifying the ministry of the holy Spirit globally and glorifying Jesus Christ. Songs are composed, but some are given by God’s spirit to the children of men. This is one of such. A tool for revival.

Apostle John Dami Elijah currently attends The Confession Church, a preacher of righteousness and a master soul winner.


1: Holy spirit rendition

2 : Yahweh ( that is who you are)

3: who else?

4: In the morning

5: Trinity Anthem

6: Victory song

DOWNLOAD_Holy spirit rendition

DOWNLOAD_Yahweh_JOHN DAMI ELIJAH ( that is who you are)






Facebook: John D Elijah

Twitter: @johndamielijah

Instagram: @johndamieelijah

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