DOWNLOAD Music: Victor Gabriel – Close

‘CLOSE’ is a prayer song that speaks of an intense desiring of God’s presence. Communicating the dispositions of believers in their lows; Times when circumstances do not correlate with God’s beautiful promises, moments when you realize it takes just God for a turnaround.

Matters of the Kingdom, even God’s moves, wait on desire to be achieved as Proverbs 18:1 affirms,

“Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom”

‘CLOSE’ inspires you in this direction; It incites and sustains your desire, moving God to action and making a knowing in your spirit that irrespective of what you face, God is still available for a turnaround.

Victor Gabriel, driven to make of excellence the christian race, inspires every believer in this walk of faith to wanting more of God amidst challenges of life.


Connect with Victor:

Facebook: VGinspiring

Instagram: @vginspiring

Twitter: @vginspiring

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