Everyone of us has got a creative side, although sometimes it is hidden and does not come to surface quite as quickly as it does to others. However, you can dig deep to develop your creative side and bring it to the forefront.

Looking for tips to help you draw out your creative side and expand your creativity?

  • Always Create Lists: You can do well in discovering your creative side by making up a list whenever you have a problem which needs some creative thinking,
    list down as many Ideas as you posiblly can for solutions and watch your creativity flow.
  • Make Changes in your life: Don’t be stuck in a hole. Make some changes to your daily life to get your channels flowing gain.
  • Work in a group: Working in a group and brainstorming together is a great way to develop creativity
  • Challenge yourself and others: Always challenge yourself. Tell yourself you can do it. Find new ways to get around problems and this can lead to some very creative suggestions. (Read : Why do I have a very low self-esteem?)
  • Encourage the thinking side of your brain: The right side of your brain is where the creativity starts. Wake it up by activating more thinking to solve problems.
  • Hire a life Coach: A life coach can help you establish and develop the area where your creativity is lacking.
  • Think Like a Child: Let go of all adult stresses, strains and worries and go back to childhood. Children have the best imaginations and their creativity knows no bounds.
  • Relax: Creativity can become stressful and depleted when you are under great stress. Learning to relax makes you feel better and can give your creative ability a fresh start.
  • Use Mind Games: Keep mind games to hand such as logic puzzles. By taking your mind off problems, your brain leads a positive and creative thinking. (Read: Boost your self confidence)

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