DOWNLOAD SONG: Funmi Ayinke – It’s Our Time

Funmi Ayinke is a mechanical engineer, a Managing Director Of Funmiayinke nigeria limited, a founder of Funmiayinke Humanity Foundation, A motivational speaker, Mother of four, Phillantropist and a wife of a Professor in University.

This drops her debut single and it will spur you, motivate and inspire you.
Majorly the song is challenging everyone of us to be responsible enough to give back to our society in our own little way.
To the already made men who are everywhere in the world doing exploit to come back home and make our Nation Nigeria great again.
To the politicians, the executives, the MD’s, the leaders in general to reach out and touch their homes.
To the less privilege, they must face the reality of life by believing in themselves to move ahead. The youths to forge ahead and together we will make our Nation proud.
It is our World, it is our Nation and now is the time of Destiny.



Instagram: Funmiayinkefhf

Facebook: Bolude Funmi Adekojo

YouTube Channel: Waheed Adekojo Funmilayo

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