Emmanuel Ekechi (Emmanueldminstrel) is from South Eastern part of Nigeria, Owerri in Imo state, born and brought up in Delta state. He is the fourth child of five children of late Mr Felix Ekechi and Charity Ekechi. He is a recording artist, a music minister and still serving in the choir department.

In his words he said: ‘All thanks to my parents who contributed to my growth in music from childhood to date and also my pastor, Pastor Godson Aleagbu’.


Connect with Emmanuel

Twitter : emmanueldminstrel

IG : Ekechi5

Facebook : Emmanuel Ekechi


I have Dominion
I have Dominion
I have Dominion
I have Dominion
Your sovereignty and power
Greatness of all the kingdom
Under the heavens will be given
To the holy people
Of the most high
Extending God’s powerful kingdom, and you rule
Over your enemies

Verse 2)
Your people shall be willing
In the days of your power
In the beauty, of your holiness.
Your strength shall be renewed.
Each day like the morning dew
Over powers and principality.
Special parts
The devil is a liar (call)
I have Dominion (resp)
He is the spiritual wickedness (call)
I have Dominion (resp)
I have Dominion (call)
I have Dominion (resp)
And he knows it(call)
I have Dominion (resp)

Where ever you go(call)
I dominate(resp)
Whatsoever you do
I dominate
In your place of work.
I dominate
All over the earth
I dominate
In your career
I dominate
Whatever you do
I dominate
And all over the people
I dominate
All over nations
I dominate
And over sin
I dominate
And over trials
I dominate.

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