ERIEWE DAVID MARTINS, AKA [David Kings] is a Gospel Artist, who hails from Isoko North L.G.A, Delta State, Nigeria.
Although He started his Music career at the age of 10, as a chorister whilst in Holy Martyrs of Uganda Minor Seminary Warri Delta State…….
In a bid to boost his zeal for praise and worship he joined The Ebenezer Youth Mass Choir, where he sang as Tenor Singer, and later became the Lead soloist & Asst. Music director.
Minister David Kings is an energetic praise leader and his dancing steps could be redefined to as King David of old.
He has 2 Album to his Name Titled: GOD OVER EVERYTHING which was released officially in 2019. Under the stables of CM-Nations. With edifying tracks like Ogaga, Ma-jirie, More grace, Calvary, More Blessings, and his HIT God Over Everything.

And His Recent Album EP…. Thankful EP just released August 12, 2020…. He is currently working to push his Gospel Music Career Forward as, is currently working Under CM-Nations as he awaits expectations of a record label signing.
BELOVED Things Are About to Take A New Turn As He Has Released the Anticipated Song “Halle-Hallelujah” a Gospel Afro Groove🕺💃🕺 with great Sound🔊 and lyrics📝 to thrill you….. Davidkings ft Perez Aghor.



Psalm 68:32-33
Sing to the Lord You kingdoms Of the Earth
Sing praises to the Lord
Sing to the one who rides across the ancient heavens
his mighty voice thundering from the skies

Arise O’ Ye People Of The Lord
Let’s Give him praise
come on with Shouts of joy let’s praise his holy name..

Verse 1
You Are Lord of all
so I praise Your Name
you are Lord of All so I lift You High

You Are Lord of all
so I praise Your Name
you are Lord of All so I lift You High

Ad lib:
Summon Your might Oh God
display your power oh God As You Have in the past
the king’s of the earth are bringing tribute to your temple in Jerusalem.

Hallelujah to your name (x4)

In sickness In health
in all of the earth
we will always Praise Your Name (X2)

for the many many blessings
for the favours and connect
Lord we give you all the praise… (X2)

Hallelujah to your name (x4)

Ad lib:
Shout with Joy to the Lord all the earth
worship the Lord with gladness
come before him singing with Joy
acknowledge that the Lord is God

Say my heart leap for Joy
and my mouth e nor go tire
we will always Praise your name (X2)

When I think of all the things
his goodness just dey make me sing
Have You Heard, Have You heard
of his goodness just rejoice
why not join us praise his name Halle-

Repeat Chorus till Fade:…..

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