DOWNLOAD Music: Victoria OB – I Am Confident

If we can learn to wait and rely on God, he is certain to show us that he is a not a man that lies. What he says he does.

God’s time differs from ours on earth because it will help us to be confident in Him, that He will answer as promised.

A 5yr-waiting on the Lord is not even up to half a day in God’s Calendar. Once we get to understand this simple arithmetic, we will cease to complain when our prayers haven’t been answered immediately and we will learn to wait patiently because we have confidence in Him.


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I am confident You’re the living God
I am confident in You Lord
I am confident and I believe in You, that you won’t disappoint me.

You’re the living God yes You’re the holy one
My defender yes You’re my hiding place
I am confident yes I believe it, that You will change my story
I believe You won’t disappoint me

I believe it, Lord I believe it
I believe in You Lord
I am confident, I am confident
That You are the promise keeper

Oh, I believe in You I am confident
I am confident You’ll do a miracle
I am confident, I believe it
That You won’t disappoint me
That You won’t disappoint me
That You won’t disappoint me

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